Unexpected Surprise From My Illustrator

Sometimes the little things in life bring you so much pleasure.

My illustrator Joseph Buehrer is an artist of high standards. He always strives for the absolute best when it comes to his work, even after it is supposedly finished.

The illustration for chapter 1 of the Never Heroes fantasy/adventure series he is helping on was one of the biggest moments in the history of this project so far. Finished last year, it became a favorite piece of ours to show off, and putting it on here greatly aided in the site’s traffic.

I was satisfied with it. Joe wasn’t quite finished.

A few days ago he sent me a message, saying he wasn’t satisfied with the image given how much the quality the illustrations has increased, especially since last December. So, he tweaked the image until it was more up to the standards of the current work and sent me the update. Here it is.

Never Heroes Chapter 1

I must say, the updates were most thrilling to see, the most obvious being the new scale pattern in our dragon protagonist’s neck and chest, and the added detail and color to his great horned crown. I don’t have the HD version of this picture just yet, but will add it to the Chapter 1 Illustration page once it becomes available. In the meantime, I hope this SD version will satisfy your dragon needs.

Updates on the book cover coming soon. Thanks for reading.


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