Script Updates and Other News

Hello everyone. First post of the month, so let me give you all some updates.

We had by far our most successful month ever since this blog was created in August of 2014. 351 views, 158 visitors, and 102 likes. So, on behalf of me, David Spada, Joseph Buehrer and Cullen McCurdy, thank you all.

The edit of the book is coming along great. Will be getting more updates from my editor in a day or two.

The job at the film distribution office has been great. It is, funnily enough, much more relaxing than my previous job in retail. I suppose it’s true what they say. If you do what you love, you never work a day in your life. Got started organizing a sales book for them to advertise some of their recent titles. It is about halfway finished, and the reactions from my bosses were quite enthusiastic.

Looks like I’ll be working with someone on another short film soon. A met a talented young woman while at a Women in Film meeting and she is eager to do a short. I read her script, and it is terrific. She wants me to come on board so we will be having a meeting tomorrow.

I also did some edits to my script section where the first acts of my three feature scripts are up for viewing. Added some short blurbs that give a set up to the stories as well as the contact information should anyone desire to read the full script. I do apologize for that taking so long, but hopefully this material will be worth the wait. Once again, don’t hesitate to put whatever constructive criticism you see fit in the comments. I’m always eager to improve.

SCRIPT – Abyssus Act 1

SCRIPT – City of Wolves Act 1

SCRIPT – Distant Horizon Act 1

Thanks again for a most successful month, and we will be talking with you all soon.

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