Our Book Cover and Final Chapter 1 Illustration

Yesterday I had an excellent meeting with my illustrator, Joseph Buehrer, and we completed two more characters for the book cover of our fantasy adventure epic, Never Heroes. Those characters completed were orphaned 15 year old and deuteragonist River, and the tough and brave Major Celice Arietta. Pictured below is the updated artwork which will be added to the final collage.


One of the things that greatly impresses me about this artwork is the loving detail Joseph has given the characters’ eyes. He really gives special attention to them, making the illustrations all the more lifelike. Our plans for the cover to be Struzan-esque certainly seem within reach now.

The next character to be completed is the elven wizard Hunter ‘Sparks’ Nigthshadow. After the final touches are put on River and Celice, we will work on Sparks and the background of the cover full time.


Also, the full high resolution version of the now completed illustration for Chapter 1 is finished and has been added to the Chapter 1 gallery. This image, depicting our dragon protagonist Zhyx meeting Major Celice for the first time was already spectacular, but Joseph, without any request from me, took it upon himself to tough it up after feeling his skills had improved enough to warrant some revisions. The end result is breathtaking, and a great depiction of one of the novel’s most pivotal moments.

Zhyx Chapter 1

If you’re interested in checking out the step by step creation of this piece, click on the link below to watch it take shape from beginning to end.

Chapter 1 Illustration Concept to Completion

It certainly is a very interesting time for all involved, with the final edit underway and this spectacular cover edging closer to completion every day. All of us have a lot to be thankful for. I certainly do surrounded by talent like this. I’ll continue to post updates as soon as they’re available to me. Hope you all enjoy this artwork, and thanks for reading. Take care.


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