New Edits and Festival Submission


Some news from the front lines.

I’m currently going through a bad bout of depression. That has hurt my work a little, but honestly writing is one of the few things that helps me through the day, so I do it whenever I can.

The story for book two in the Never Heroes fantasy epic is taking shape quite nicely. As usual, I have the first act and the third act pretty well figured out. It’s the dreaded middle that gives me trouble. Still, the possibilities are endless and that has me hopeful how it will turn out in the end. This next adventure of Zhyx the red dragon and his companions promises to be pretty interesting. It isn’t act action heavy as the first book, but the planned battle sequences are still pretty spectacular, and the characters go through some interesting changes.

The edits on the first book in the series are going well. I just received the sheets for chapter 7 and will work on those later today. Given that the first three chapters are edited, I will be posting the updated versions of those later this week, likely by tomorrow. I think all of you will agree that the new versions are a much better, much more streamlined version of the story.

Also, had some free time on my hands, so I decided to submit my latest feature script, the ocean horror script for Abyssus, to a horror screenplay festival. This is my first time ever submitting, and it is honestly pretty exciting. Did a few last minute edits on it to make sure it was all ready to go.

I’ll be sure to get those new Never Heroes edits up starting tomorrow. Hope you all enjoy them. See you then.


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