Never Heroes Chapter 3 New Edit

As promised, the edit for chapter 3 of our fantasy adventure epic Never Heroes is now availably for reading. This is the final sample chapter that will be posted on our site, and it will be subject to a few additional edits in the coming months. Hopefully these three chapters will give a decent taste of things to come.

As an extra treat, here is the full resolution version of the supporting cast in the novel that was used for the scale pictures of them with Zhyx the red dragon. Left to right with the orc professor Graga ‘Blondie’ Kelpla, Paladin Guard Major Celice Arietta, the elven wizard Hunter ‘Sparks’ Nightshadow, and the reclusive Flatlander orphan River. One of the things we are especially happy about with this story is the rich cast, and Joseph Buehrer’s stunning artwork brings them to life rather nicely.

Never Heroes Companions Size

The link for the chapter can be read below. Hope you all enjoy and thanks for reading.

Chapter 3, The Derd


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