Busy Week and Back to Writing

Hello everyone. Sorry for my hiatus from here, but it has been an exciting week.

Last week I met the producer of the upcoming feature film I’ve been following for some time. I’m interested in working on that project in some capacity, even if it’s just a grip or a driver. I sent her an email inquiring about possible positions, so we will see how that goes. It’s cool meeting her regardless.

We also moved the film distribution office where I’ve been working from Valley Village all the way up to Northridge, a full nine miles from our old office. In Los Angeles terms, that ads eighteen minutes to my morning commute, and that’s in good traffic. The move took up pretty much all my week at the studio. A metric ton of heavy lifting was to be had.Even tonight I’ll be doing some ushering work at an event and may meet some people. All in all, it’s been a full couple of days.

I am continuing my work on the second novel in my fantasy adventure series about my big red dragon’s various misadventures. Since we’re still editing the first book, I’ve been balancing the two. Will be showing off some of the new additions to the first book later this week, perhaps even tomorrow. Today, I have a good four hours before I need to take off to that event, and aim to get a lot done on the second book. Catch you later.


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