My Old Nemesis Returns

Well, I was able to get finished with the  first draft of the prologue of my book, a fourteen page sequence inspired by the opening of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom where a few of my supporting characters get into a bit of a skirmish at a ball. The opening of my second book in this fantasy adventure saga is taking shape, but there are some setbacks.

After getting through to my first real chapter, I hit a roadblock. Much of this book is told from a first person perspective from my main character. Writing the first book was one of my greatest joys, because his snide, condescending tone and unique way of seeing the world made it such a joy to write this story. It was like meeting a new friend and being taken on an adventure. It was the best, and there are few experiences I’ve had that have compared to it.

That was my problem. Today while I was trying to write it, I somehow couldn’t get his voice back.

I did a few things to try and get those creative juices going. For one I had Raiders of the Lost Ark playing in the background to set an appropriate mood. It didn’t do much good. In fact, it may have distracted me. Even after I turned it off, something about it just didn’t click.

When I write, there’s always that moment. That moment when working and a line of dialogue or description appears that breaks the floodgates and makes me go nuts with creativity. I haven’t really had that moment yet.

It hurts a lot because I really want to write this book. The feeling of finishing the first novel was one of the most rewarding and life affirming experiences of my life, and this story is only about a quarter of the way done, if that. The idea of going on another journey with these characters, watching them grow and learn about the world, I couldn’t have been more excited. And I already know so much of the story, right down to key moments and lines of dialogue. I basically have the first and third acts completely mapped out. It’s just a matter of stranding them together and making a story out of that gap in the middle.

With so much of it ready to go, why I wonder is it so hard to get that energy back? Especially after I already took a month and a half off from writing?

I’ll try and keep busy. Will continue working on the outline tomorrow, and hopefully hammer out the middle. Then it’s just a matter of waiting. Waiting for that moment to come that when it does, it feels like flying.


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