Back to Writing and Concerns

Well, yesterday it happened. I got zapped with that writing lightning bolt, and actually was able to turn out some good starting material for book two of my fantasy adventure series. It felt pretty good to jump back into the voice of my giant red protagonist. It was like running into an old friend and catching up on old times.

I wrote a solid one thousand two hundred words in the space of twenty minutes. Yeah, I was going a little nuts. I will likely get much more written this morning.

Yesterday though there were a few concerns I had about this new book. Not that it wasn’t taking shape at last but rather if I was tackling it correctly.

One, the first book in the series is still undergoing final edits. I wonder if I’m doing the right thing jumping back and forth between the two books or if that is wearing me too thin. It does seem kind of silly working on a sequel before the original book is truly bound and ready for publication. Jumping back and forth between the manuscripts can help me re-settle in the writing style of the original since it was written in a very unique voice, but I have my concerns.

Two, the second book, and all subsequent books in the series, will be written in a new format. The original book was written in a first person perspective from the protagonist’s point of view. He was able to deliver all the necessary information and plot points to the reader. In the sequels however, certain scenes will take place which he’s not present for. The entire first act of the final book for example takes place in his absence.

I’m wondering just how to take care of this issue. I have two choices. One, I could write these sequences in third person narration, or two, I could write them in first person as with the hero, just from the point of view of these other characters.

They both have their advantages and drawbacks. For one, writing the sequences in third person would help the audience connect with the hero and his distinct voice much better. On the other hand, jumping back and forth between third person and first person could be jarring, even off putting for a reader.

The simple fact remains that the story has to switch perspectives from the hero at several key points in order for the readers to get all the necessary plot and character details. It’s just the matter of which style would be most appropriate.

A lot to consider, and thankfully I don’t have a time limit to worry about. Well, not yet at least.

Anyone reading, feel free to offer your thoughts in the comments. I would love to hear what you think. Take care.


4 thoughts on “Back to Writing and Concerns

  1. I’d be tempted to keep the story line in first person throughout, just to keep things consistent for the reader. You can mix first and third person though, especially if you want to create a specific link between the main character and the reader.

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  2. Maybe since you don’t have a deadline try both and see which flows better for you as a writer. If it feels right to you as you are creating it, I’m sure it will translate just fine to your readers.

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  3. I can’t speak for what works for your style, but as a reader I’ve found books that switch between first and third on a regular basis tend to be more “difficult.” I think the only example of it that I remember that actually felt like it was working was Mr. X; beyond that, it tends to just get irritating, like you’re reading two different books or the author couldn’t make up their mind.

    I’d generally say it’s probably better to stick with first person, with chapter tags or something similar to indicate who’s head we’re in. But, again, your mileage may vary, and the suggestion to give it a try both ways and see what flows isn’t a bad one.

    Good luck!

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  4. I was having the same feeling. The opening prologue so far runs 14 pages, and is a pretty exciting sequence, but something about being told in third person made the scene very dry and tedious, in spite of the lead character in the sequence being larger than life. I’ll work on re-writing the sequence once I wrap up chapter 1.


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