Back in the Writing Spirit

Yesterday was a very productive day for my second book. I’ve discovered I’m much more of a morning writer, so I decided to focus my efforts on the second book in my fantasy series exclusively in the morning. It took me a little while to get started, punching the first key on my keyboard at around 9:30. After that though, things took a most productive turn.

I completed the first real chapter of the book.

The sequence I had completed before (which I’m re-writing today), was a prologue that set up the action. The first chapter finds our dragon protagonist back in his lair, contemplating the events of the first book while fighting a hefty case of boredom. A few flashbacks to events in between books spice up the chapter, but it’s not until halfway through that his companions from the first story arrive to tell him something is amiss in the world.

It is an often slow chapter, as per the boredom the lead character is suffering, so I was worried about completing it in a way I found appropriate. But as I said, yesterday was a productive day. I worked for about four hours on the manuscript, from 9:30 to 1:30, and write some 4500 words, adding a total of fourteen pages to the manuscript. Not only did I complete my first chapter, but I started work on the second. I was sure to leave off at an area where ideas were still flowing, as to make it easier to get back into it the following day.

For a first draft, I’m already happy with how things are going. There are plenty of moments that sum up the unique nature of this universe. My hero’s companions seek him out after an undercover operation that required them to wear dresses, so the entire scene plays out with one of the characters in drag.

Also, my protagonist isn’t exactly enthusiastic about another adventure, so he immediately tries to chase his companions away when he realizes they’re coming.

Finally, the reason he joins the adventure is very in line with where the character is now. As I mentioned before, he is going stir crazy after the first novel, and has been that way for over a year. That’s why he joins the adventure this time. He’s just bored.

A week ago when I started this second book, no such ideas were present. Upon looking at the blank page though, the ideas have been coming at a pretty steady pace. Unfortunately I won’t be able to work on the manuscript every day, but at this pace I should be able to wrap up my first draft by the end of summer.

Once that draft is finished, I’ll let the second one sit while the editing for the first book finishes up and give myself a break for a few weeks. That should give me time to at least begin my search for a writing agent. Then comes the later drafts and the editing, which to me is one of my favorite parts of the writing process. It’s a very invigorating to see a work in front of you, know it’s flawed, and have the opportunity to make it great.


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