Chapter 2 and This Week’s Other Fruits

Writing the second book in my fantasy series is starting to pick up. Over the last few days, I’ve noticed my writing output is getting much higher, and I’ve already started getting ideas on how to improve my second draft.

Earlier this week I had a large haul of fourteen pages and almost five thousand words. Last night I topped three thousand and brought in nine pages. Even on bad days, I’ve been finishing four to five pages. This progress is making me very happy, and the characters are at last starting to come back to me.

I’ve also been experimenting with just what works for the context of this series, namely character actions and their consequences. In my opening prologue, one of my characters draws first blood when she kills a knight in order to protect a friend the knight is plotting on killing. This is attempted without any diplomacy. As interesting as the scene is and how it kicks off the action climax of the opening, the implications of her act were pretty severe. Those she works with wouldn’t look too kindly on her drawing first blood, so there would inevitably be a disciplinary hearing of some sort. Some would say just not to write the scene, but not doing so would be a cheat.

As fun as it is to expand on the culture and customs of these characters, I don’t really want the story to lose its focus too much. Plus her way of dealing with the problem was slightly out of character. It was an interesting lesson how small details in writing can have a ripple effect, and is one of the first things I’ll be altering upon re-writes.

It is pretty tempting to stop right now and do the re-writes right here and now, but I’m going to resist that temptation and just plow onwards, finishing this draft first. That way once I start, the ideas will be overflowing as they should be when one is writing.

Pictured above is the latest progress on our cover background for the book. It is looking much more lively and lifelike as of late. This image will be covered up by many of our lead characters once the collage is added to it, so the detail isn’t going to be quite as high. There will be some atmosphere added to the sky in order to make the five moons look more realistic, and there is yet more work to be done. Still, it’s getting there, and it will be a shame to cover it up once it’s done.

I’m moving on to chapter three today and hope to finish a fair amount this morning because I won’t be able to knock a lot out tomorrow due to my schedule, but should manage at least three pages. I’ll keep everyone posted on the progress of this one. So far, we are at 64 pages.

Thanks for reading.


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