100 Page Mark

Sorry for the delay in getting back since last week. I had some dire personal issues that needed to be addressed, but they have since been fixed up.

In the meantime, it has been a most busy week for Never Heroes. We move closer to the completion of the background picture for our cover, our beast artist is nearly free so he will be able to provide the image of out leading man (or rather dragon), I now have two more chapters to edit on the first book.

One of the big things that happened though was the completion of chapter four on the first draft of the second book. That beginning manuscript now tops 37000 words and 100 pages.

It’s honestly pretty strange to look at it now. I can’t believe we reached that milestone so quickly, bringing it to roughly a third of the length of the original book. This chapter was pretty interesting, taking the characters back to the city that served as the finale of the first book, slowing down to do a little world building, and put some issues from the first book to rest. All in all, it was pretty productive.

I think I’ll take a little time off the manuscript itself and delve deeper into the outline for now. As I mentioned before, I started writing the manuscript before the outline was finished, so I have a large gap in the second act that needs to be filled. Fortunately, some pretty interesting ideas started coming to me a few weeks ago, and I’m eager to try them out and see how they work in this story. This week may be the one where that outline is finally finished.

Finally, had a wonderful meeting with my editor. I filled her in on some of the plot details and what I was trying to get across so we can better figure out ways to clarify certain things. We’re about half way through our run at the prose, and then we’ll go on a second run through that exclusively focuses on characters and dialogue.

It really is great to have an editor so easy to work with, and she is also enjoying the story very much so she wants to see it go well.

That’s all for now. Will fill you in on more details as they come. Catch you all later.


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