Halfway Done with Prose Edit

After a week of anxiety and work related stress, I was finally able to sit down and apply the edits to chapters 9 and 10 for the prose edit of my first novel. This is a major event for us, because this puts us halfway through our edit on the prose, and a quarter of the way done with our editing overall.

The improvements made to the manuscript since I met my editor have been most valuable. She has helped me spot plot holes I would have otherwise missed, pointed out some of my shortcomings as an artist and allowed me to focus on and improve them, and done it all with an overall spirit of fun and friendship. What I like about my editor is she does all the things an editor and a critic is supposed to do, but she does it in a way that doesn’t seem harsh or mean.

That approach really has helped me as a writer, and has been nothing but beneficial to the story.

Well, we have ten chapters to go on the prose edit, and finally a second run through focusing exclusively on characters and dialogue. The manuscript promises to mature a great deal in this time, and I couldn’t be more excited. The run through for dialogue and character development shouldn’t be quite as long as we will be more focused, but time will tell.

Rest assured people, if you find a good editor, it can be a very fulfilling partnership. It’s not just busywork, but can be an essential part of the creative process. In many ways, it can be every bit as essential as editing the rough cut of a movie. An editor comes at the story with the same critical eye any other reader will, and if they’re confused, it isn’t because they’re stupid. It’s because an idea wasn’t communicated clearly enough. If they’re confused, your reader will be confused as well.

An editor will help you spot such mistakes and correct them before a book hits the presses, and save you from any potential embarrassment. That, my friends, will bring your work to a much wider audience.


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