Break from Blogging

Some may have noticed I haven’t posted anything on this page in almost two weeks.

It has quite simply been a pretty rough few weeks. The project is slow going, I’ve been exhausted, and just started a long awaited vacation to my home state of Kansas. The depression I’ve been going through has hardly made things a walk in the park, and has threatened to cause great strains in my professional and personal life.

On top of that, I haven’t exactly had a lot of material to show. I don’t have too many ideas for writing tips and articles to put forward, and the progress with the book series and other projects has been slow, so there aren’t exactly a lot of updates to share.

I’ll share a few on the novel at least. Up to chapter 13 on the prose edit, and I’ve been doing a final pre-edit to fix up dialogue, and it has helped a lot with character development and world building. I just finished chapter 4 of that run through yesterday.

Started working on another draft of a script for a short film that we’re going to try and get shot before December of this year. This draft is already almost halfway done, and hopefully it can be something special once the cameras start rolling.

That’s about all I have to share at the moment. Since things are dry for the time being, I’ll be taking a break from this page. Maybe for a few more weeks, maybe longer. At the very least until my vacation in Kansas concludes. Once we have more stuff to show, or an article comes to me, I’ll be back to write again.

To all those who have followed this page and showed your support for this pretty small little page, I thank you for your kindness and wish you all your due success on your pages. See you all again soon.


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