End of my Blogging Break

Last week I was whisked away in the air to a far away magical land, the land from which I came and to which I always enjoy to return. Ironically, this land is Kansas. Funny, because generally you expect people to be whisked away to magical lands from Kansas, but I digress.

It was a nice relaxing week of zoos, museums, and lots of good eating with the family. I had an early birthday, received some wonderful gifts, and spent many relaxing late nights watching films with everyone from Groundhog Day to Lincoln. I didn’t do too much work in the way of writing apart from the draft for an upcoming short being completed and editing a few book chapters here and there. I tried to keep clear of those things to keep myself relaxed.

This vacation, like everything, had to come to an end, so I clicked my heels together three times and wound up back in Los Angeles. Again, I thought clicking your heels brought you to Kansas instead of zipping you away from it. I must be doing this Kansas thing wrong, but how about we move on?

I’ve been back in tow for one day and am feeling well rested and eager to start my writing again. There’s certainly no shortage of work with a book to edit and three scripts to perfect, as well as a short film to prepare, job opportunities to seek out, and this blog to maintain.

Don’t worry. I’ve got some new articles coming up, and hopefully production on this thing will also be more fruitful in coming months as schedules become more lenient. Will be typing up a new article tomorrow.

Anyway, thanks for reading and it’s good to be back.


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