Sketching Red

Yesterday I had some time to kill and decided it was about time I started helping out with the artwork for my book series, so I tried my hand at drawing my large fire breathing protagonist, Zhyx the dragon, or ‘Red’ to those close to him.

I do a lot of draft tracing when I draw, and so far the picture has gone through three drafts. The first is horrid, the second is much better, and the third was done for the purpose of keeping the entire crown visible so the perspective can be done right.

Never Heros Dragon Sketches

Sketches of the red dragon Zhyx, also known as Red, from the upcoming fantasy/adventure book series Never Heroes.

It’s at the very least a decent start. I plan to finish a draft sometime later today once my proofread of chapter 7 is finished.

Thanks for checking this out and I’ll see you all later.

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