Sketching Red 2: The Quickening

Hello everyone. Your favorite up and coming struggling is back with another sketch of the fire breathing protagonist for my book series, Zhyx the red dragon, known more simply as ‘Red’ to his companions.

So, you guys remember that last attempt I did?

Never Heros Dragon Sketches

Sad to say, I was not happy with the results I was getting. The main problem I had was the perspective was all slightly off. The front jaw was more front facing, the side of the head was in complete profile, and the thing that really kept killing me was his horned crown. I couldn’t get it right because every time I tried to apply it based on one perspective, it couldn’t be reconciled with the other.

So I scrapped it and started a new approach. This is the concept art for Zhyx, provided by our talented friend to this blog over at Monster Legacy.


My new approach was to take an existing template and simply apply the details of the character to that shape. This was the reference I started from.

Dragon Sample 3

Taking that shape, I carefully looked at the details of Zhyx’s face and applied them. So far, the results are this.


It is much better than the first attempt. The perspective is consistent, nothing seems too big or too small, and it is unmistakably my character. I’m hoping to wrap this sketch up this weekend for all of you to enjoy.

Thanks for reading and I’ll be back soon.


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