Never Heroes Chapter 1 Update

Dear gracious readers, it is with great pleasure that I present the latest version of chapter 1 of my fantasy/adventure epic, Never Heroes.

Never Heroes is an exciting oddity that tells of a selfish and malicious dragon known as Zhyx who is unwillingly pulled into an adventure by a brazen band of misfit adventurers. They blackmail the elder wyrm into joining them on a quest to destroy a great evil that only Zhyx, whom the characters nickname ‘Red’ has even a remote chance at beating.

This first chapter deals with Zhyx’s first brush with trouble, when as he’s sulking in his lair, a pair of unwelcome guests throw his life into upheaval.

I worked pretty hard making sure the lead character was softened up just a bit so he didn’t alienate the reader right out of the gate, as well as clarifying plot points and fleshing out the characters. I’d like to thank my editors, artists, and friends for helping this project come as far as it has, and hope you all think it’s a good read. Please put any thoughts you have have in the comments section below.

Read away, and be careful that our friend Red doesn’t burn you.

Chapter 1, The Great Red Wyrm

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