Never Heroes Chapter 2 Update

Hello gracious readers. As per my promise, here’s the latest update on our project, chapter 2 of the fantasy adventure epic, Never Heroes, the story of one dragon’s unlikely journey from feared tyrant to world’s savior. These new edits to the manuscript certainly took time and effort, but the story and characters are edging closer to completion.

After a band of thieves steal his favorite treasure, the colossal dragon Zhyx, also known as the Great Red Wyrm, is not in the best of moods. He travels to the temple of the dragon deity Saar’Jya, believing she may have something to do with the theft, and uncovers her plans for him are far more interesting.

This chapter is shorter than the last, much of the clunky material removed, though we could still use a little trim here and there. In the meantime, hope you all enjoy this enough as it is. Please offer up any thoughts in the comments section since with our final edit looming, now would be the best time for us to hear it.

Chapter 2, The First Dragon


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