Never Heroes Chapter 3 Update

Welcome again gracious readers, and here we have the third preview chapter for our upcoming fantasy adventure epic, Never Heroes, where we follow one dragon’s journey from one of the most feared creatures in the world, to his world’s last hope for survival.

In this chapter, Zhyx, also known as the Great Red Wyrm, begins his quest to locate the adventurers who stole his favorite treasure. As his journey for revenge gets underway, he comes across an unlikely companion, who will soon join him on his many travels.

This will be the final preview chapter posted for the book, and like the previous two, will be subject to additional edits and updates as they come in from both myself and our editor. These changes again mark a pretty steep improvement over what was, and the lead character will hopefully not be quite so abrasive to new readers.

New edits on these chapters are forthcoming, and once the new versions are available, the page will be updated and posted here for your reading pleasure. Thanks for checking this out, and please offer up any thoughts in the comments.

Chapter 3, The Flatlander


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