Cover Update, First Character Completed

Hello everyone. Work on  the fantasy novel Never Heroes ebbs ever onwards. Two chapters wrapped up in two days with some major problems taken care of from character development to weak scenes. That’s another 40 pages now in the bag and ready for the final sweep.

Also big is the first element in our Drew Struzan style cover is finished, our secondary hero, River, is now in the till and ready whenever the other elements are available. Given the loving detail that our illustrator put into this, and my own rampant perfectionism, this is a good early indicator that our cover will be something special. I hope you all agree.

River_12 Fixed Ear


Up next is another co-star, Major Celice Arietta. Our illustrator was somewhat unsatisfied with. He decided to make a new body from scratch using the original face, giving her a much more dynamic pose. So far, things are looking pretty good, and we’ll start adding color on her soon.


Hope you all like these two. Will keep you posted on any further updates.


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