The Big 28

Greetings loyal followers of this novice little writing blog. Well, today is my birthday, and I’m turning 28.

My 27th year has been an odd one, with plenty of ups and downs, good days and bad, massive life events mixed among dull mundanity. I got my first paying film industry job and gained major footing in my chosen career, my debut novel edges slowly but surely to completion, I’ve completed three feature scripts, three short scripts, two short stories, and the list goes on.

Honestly, a lot of the credit for this last exciting year goes to my friends. People like to think about going out and conquering the world all by themselves, but it’s always about the shoulders you have to lean on. I’d like to give shout to a few and invite you all to check out their work, should you have the time.

CullenDavid, Joseph, thank you for all you’ve done last year. You’ve been more than contributors, but kept me going and gave me hope when I was running on fumes. And to all those who don’t have pages (yet), thanks to you as well. All my love.

The 27th year wraps to a close and the 28th year begins. Hopefully it will be even more exciting and eventful than the last.


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