Every Book Cover Needs an Orc

The ambitious Drew Struzan style cover for my first book in the Never Heroes series is taking shape quickly these days. With the color schemes for each character pretty much determined and the background being prepped for another go, this promises to look really great when it’s finished.

The latest casualty of the black and white era is the character of Professor Graga Kelpla, or Blondie to her closest friends. For those of you who don’t yet know this character, Blondie is the head of the History and Archeological Departments at Librandretta University in the City of Ravenwood, and one of the most prominent supporting characters in the series.

You can read her bio here.

What our illustrator and I sought to bring out for the character was someone who was not very beastly as an orc, but someone who looked the part of having great academic prowess. Blondie is not a barbarian, but a professional with a vast bibliography and a great career in education and history.

After finding an appropriate skin tone that wasn’t too over the top, her clothing was given special attention, made to look like a university suit that would fit her profession. We hope you agree.

Blondie Art Update

Thanks for reading and we’ll be checking back in with some more artwork soon.


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