Two Dragons Punching Each Other

You know they say writing is re-writing. That is true. To vomit out words on a page or a screen and go back later to sift through them, slowly bringing out the good and discarding the bad until a coherent, multi dimensional story emerges.

That has been the process in writing my first book, the fantasy adventure Never Heroes. Working on this book every week for the last two years, tirelessly chipping away at a featureless block of words until a complex and cohesive story filled with emotion and adventure emerged has been as rewarding as it was tiring, and that now brings me to the pre final edit final edit.

Yes. I know it’s redundant. Shut up.

So, at this stage in the pre final edit final edit, I have three chapters to go before we reach the regular final edit. This is it. The grand finale of the book, the final chaotic sixty pages that needs to be fine tuned and well pruned to be the climactic clash its premise promises. I’m up to a two chapter long sequence of two dragons punching each other.

Now let us consider briefly what that means. I think we can all agree that this is a dragon.

Yep. That’s a dragon alright, a towering colossus of fire and death who dwarfs those standing before it. Pretty impressive creature. One dragon alone can do plenty of damage. They are after-all one of the oldest and most classical villains in the history of literature. Now picture two dragons punching each other.

You see, with dragons being the flying, firebreathing multi ton wonders they are, you have a lot to deliver when you get to the point of two dragons punching each other. Such a battle promises to be a hurricane of fire and brimstone, the air choked with ash and dust, ears filled with roars and screams, and a raging firestorm consuming everything around it as your two star wyrms go head to head.

For more on that firestorm, read this earlier article here.

So anyway, what were we talking about? Oh yeah. Two dragons punching each other.

So when you have two dragons punching each other, what do you do? Well, you can’t just have it be a few pages and done. So siree. You’ve gotta keep that cataclysm going until all of those promises have been fulfilled. You think a fight of two dragons punching each other can go like this?

What? Are you mad? That mess needs to keep going. I’m talking scorched earth, forests cut open with massive craters, and searing hot embers raining down from above in a great storm of madness and death! And it must go on and on until one of them is worn down and dashed to oblivion leaving only one great scaled terror to reign supreme!

Yes. Two dragons punching each other, throwing tooth, claw and flame until one of them finally kicks the bucket. Yes, that battle, between two dragons, for two long, exhausting chapters.

This is going to be a looong pre final edit final edit.

Anyway, here’s a picture of two dragons punching each other.


11 thoughts on “Two Dragons Punching Each Other

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