What Would You Say to an Elf with a Mullet?

Let me start this by saying I’ve nothing against how elves have been portrayed in fantasy fiction up to this point. The general appearance of elves with slicked back hair and fair features has been a staple of fantasy for some time, and remains a a tried and true topping on this sweet genre.

But I didn’t want to write every other fantasy story. I wanted to write something that was truly mine. Something that had a special personal flavor that set it apart from the rest, so when someone read it, they’d say “Oh yeah. That’s one of his.” If the fantasy genre was ice cream and the tried and true methods of the past were sprinkles, I was going to use Gummy Bears.

So I gave our elf a mullet.

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 5.55.28 PM

Took my illustrator a bit to fix up our elf’s hair from the old slicked back look it had in previous illustrations, but looking at Mel Gibson’s heavenly 80s hair was a revelation to me. Those long, manly curls dig into my skull and formed over and over again two words which would repeat continuously for days.

“Why not?”

The only way to satisfy the mullet beast was to grant its desire. So now our elf has a mullet, and we can tack that up to another Gummy Bear on the scoop.

Hope you all enjoy this preview and you can expect to see our mullet-ified elf completed either this Monday or next.


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