Mullet Elf is Completed

Big news from the magical chaotic land of Haiden.

Well, after much work, another character for the cover of the first book in the Never Heroes series is finally completed. Elven wizard, Hunter Nightshadow, with his magic staff/pruned tree branch and glorious elf mullet is here in both color and Mullet-O-Vision.

As with all the characters and elements, some details will be further added once the composition for the cover has been figured out, because every mullet can never get enough love, especially an elven mullet. For now though, Hunter, like his cohorts, is looking as sharp as ever.


With Hunter in the till, this marks three of our five main characters that have been completed. Now we just have Major Celice and our leading ma/fire breathing lizard, an extra run through the background, and we can finally start putting this cover together. We may not be able to master the Struzan style, but we’re going aim as high as we can. This cover promises to be even more epic now that it includes a much needed elf mullet.

All is not quiet on the editing front as well, as our editor has turned in those final five chapters. For the moment I’m taking a breather from Never Heroes writing to hammer out another draft of a horror script. I aim to put the lid on that today. Next week however I plan to power through those editing suggestions and figure out which ones I’ll keep and which ones I’ll discard. We aim to have this book all ready to go by Christmas, and then comes the search for an agent.

As the search for an agent gets underway, I plan to make good use of the time and get back to writing book two in the series. With the promise of more elven mullets, it should be a blast to return to Haiden.

Hope you all enjoy Hunter Nightshadow, and I’ll be checking back soon.

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