A Night in the 80s

I’m a child of the 80s. Though I was born at the tail end of the decade, 80s culture has been a big part of my childhood. I didn’t bother much with the current fads and trends, instead relishing in the sumptuous mana of yesteryear. This began when I was especially young, spending more time watching old movies on VHS tapes than going to the theater to catch the latest Disney.

Forget that. I was watching Indiana Jones.

My love of 80s was solidified at the age of 12 when I begged the matriarch to let me delve into the Alien and Predator films, and I saw my first R Rated film. Aliens quickly shoved Star Wars aside to become my favorite science fiction series ever, and it retains that title to this day.

So when the opportunity came to see the film on the big screen, I coughed up the money and frolicked to the theater.

The event was for the Burbank International Film Festival for their film history series, which included Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Top Gun, and Aliens.

I arrived three hours early, and found to my joy that the ticket included all events in the festival, not just the main screening of Aliens. So I kicked back and caught Top Gun, relishing in the love triangle between Tom Cruise, his plane and his off centered two front teeth.

Then came the main movie. Seeing it 30 feet high in front of me was something of a dream come true. They say watching a movie in the big screen is the only real way to do it, and I would say that’s a pretty accurate statement. The big screen completely envelopes you in the movie’s world, and it becomes everything.

After the screening was done came a special treat, a visit by none other than Michael Biehn and Jenette Goldstein, who portrayed Hicks and Vasquez in the movie. They joined their fans for a brief Q&A that was filled with much laughter, jokes and nostalgia.

This was my second time seeing these two in person, the first being four years ago at a Horror Hound Convention where they autographed my poster for the movie. Pity we didn’t get to talk in person again, but perhaps that will be something for the future.

After a brief visit to the afterparty, I headed to work and prepared for my early morning shift at 6 am. I expected to feel groggy and grouchy both, but in spite of the very few and frequently interrupted hours of sleep I got that night, the morning came with a warm sun’s glow and a returned smile from me. The night before was just too much damn fun to sully it with a bad morning.

And that’s the story of my trip back to the 80s. It was a night of acid drenched goodness that featured a live performance by two of my favorite actors. It was a night where the work ended and I could just live a little. Should probably start doing that a little more.


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