Meet Major Celice Arietta

It has been a treacherous walk through the mythical land of Haiden, but another step has been completed in the creation of the cover for the first book in the Never Heroes adventure epic.

Major Celice Arietta of the Paladin’s Guard, the tough heroin who masterminds the plan to blackmail an unwitting dragon to aid her is here.


Our artist, Joseph Buehrer, once again did a stunning job, with great detail on the armor and weaponry. He did especially nice work on Celice’s unusual crossbow bandolier. Out of all the supporting players, she’s among the most complicated to draw due to all the gear she carries.

Joe captured the Major very well in all her grizzled armored glory. We originally had another sketch drawn up for the cover, this one here.


Joe however was not satisfied with that picture, feeling it didn’t adequately capture the Major’s character. He persuaded the usually stubborn me to allow another attempt at her, and drew up the stunning sketch at the top of the page.

It is a major relief to us, because Major Celice is the last of our supporting cast that needed to be drawn. Everyone else is done.

Never Heroes River Cover illustration

The fifteen year old Flatlander orphan River.

Professor Graga 'Blondie' Kelpla Completed Illustration

The orc professor Graga ‘Blondie’ Kelpla of Ravenwood University.


The cheeky elven wizard Hunter ‘Sparks’ Nightshadow with his glorious mullet. They’re all now in the till and ready to go.

You can read the bios for all our heroes in this link.

Now all that needs to be done is our leading man/fire breathing lizard of death, the tweaks to our background, and then comes the final collage.

Hard to believe at long last this cover is almost done, and it nears its end with the dawn of a new draft of the book, forthcoming next month. Here’s to it being an eventful and productive writing session, andI promise this cover is going to be worth the wait.

We’re going to knock your socks off.


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