All These Projects…

I’ve decided to hold off on my return to Never Heroes and the mythical land of Haiden until next month. This gives me some time to brainstorm and absorb ideas, but it’s also due to another thing.

I’ve got way too many projects in the till right now.

I recently did a quick re-write on the horror script Abyssus and have sent it out to two local friends and filmmakers who are interested in it.

The B movie horror/ comedy Attack of the Satanist Cannibal Nazi Sorority Girls is being worked on by me and a writing partner on a weekly basis.

As if that isn’t enough, the sleuth werewolf thriller City of Wolves (soon to be re-titled Manhunters) has become my project of choice for grinding away the hours.

On top of Never Heroes slowly restructuring itself, I’ve got many other stories and scripts slowly taking shape upstairs. Not only are there the three sequels to Never Heroes, I also have at least two feature scripts taking a definite form before my first keyboard waltz, though there may be as many as five.

That’s at least six projects that have been taking up my mental facilities, though it may be more like nine.


Writing really is an exhausting endeavor.

What’s been difficult for me is the jump in genres. The three current scripts are very much close to each other, dealing with monsters and elements of horror, though one is more comedic than the other. Jumping from one genre to another is difficult, in particular ones that are in such contrast.

Abyssus, Manhunters and to a lesser extent Satanist Cannibal Nazis are horror based, while Never Heroes is fantasy. To change gears from something that is dark, brooding and frightening into something that’s colorful, exciting and adventurous is not as easy as flipping a light switch, and honestly I may not be free of their influence until they are written, allowing me to finish Never Heroes uninhibited.

I have at times spent hours writing one of the above scripts and then decided to jump back into Haiden, only to find I carried over some baggage from the last story. The material coming out is too dark, too edgy, and not what Never Heroes is supposed to be at all. Any ensuing effort had to be scrapped, making double the work and double the time.

To top it off, there’s much effort going into the search for the next film related position, and that has taken up a lot of time on a lot of telephones and email accounts.

Most writers give themselves grief for not writing enough. I’ve had that rare affliction of writing too much. To those who dream of it, trust me, it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be. An active imagination can be a real slave driver.

I’m dividing my energy between two at the moment, the horror/comedy and the werewolf script. Even that is a chore, but it’s doable.

Unlike six or nine.

I’ll probably go back to my writing spot tonight and hammer out more of Manhunters, hopefully bringing it closer to completion so I may be free of it for a time. Once that is done, the saga of Red and his cohorts will once again receive my undivided attention.


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