First Writing Job

This week has been an exciting week in the way of writing and this little blog. Not only are we in our most successful month ever, having broken our record for monthly views and our record for daily likes (twice in two weeks), I’ve also been bequeathed my first writing job ever. We’ve all heard the stories of this happening suddenly, and this was no exception.

After I wrote this article, I was contacted by someone who worked for another site saying they enjoyed it and asked would I consider providing some editorials for them dealing with writing, books, film and other forms of entertainment. We had a brief talk via email and I set up an account.

I ported over one of my pieces from here, and from what I understand the reception was pretty warm. Two more pieces have since been ported over and a 4th one is currently being outlined.

It’s not a paying job mind you, but it does provide some small visibility for our little corner of misfits hoping to make it big, and me just writing editorials to pass the time and self teach. Who knows? Maybe someone will notice an article on that site and that will lead to something more, and someone will see an article on that site, and so on and so on and so on.

As this little story so eloquently illustrates, you just never know.


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