Spooky Month: Spooky Goals

Well, it’s October. Tis the season to be spooky, and I aim to do just that via a nice keyboard waltz.

The script for the werewolf themed thriller Manhunters has been at somewhat of a standstill, and by somewhat I mean not a single word was completed last week. My job hunt took precedent and for the first time I had so many resources, it took a full day just to organize everything into a cohesive game plan. Now that the game plan is laid out, the craft of writing will be getting more of its due attention.

My goal for this month is to complete my fifth draft of Manhunters. It is a doable thing. I’ve got only some fifty or so pages to knock out before the end. I recently got a nice boost in confidence when some colleagues of mine offered some thoughts on the latest draft of another horror script I’d been working on, Abyssus. Their thoughts were constructive and encouraging, giving me a clear list of issues to tackle when the time comes for a sixth draft.

Above all, they complimented the horror elements of the script, so apparently it’s something I can do decent. That I’m still working on the script this month is somewhat perfect, for as the festive decorations of this beloved holiday fill windows and store isles, I can’t help but get into that Halloween spirit.

That’s just the kind of spirit I need to get through my tale of flesh eating Lycanthropes. Cheers everybody and stay spooky.


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