Who Says Mondays Are Always Bad?

Yesterday was a very productive day, with major breakthroughs happening on a grand total of three projects and culminating in the final breakdown of the writer’s block I’ve been experiencing on the latest draft of my werewolf screenplay, Manhunters.

The day began with a meeting. I went to a local British themed pub for some fish, chips and cider to meet a writing partner on a B Movie comedy in the spirit of Big Trouble In Little China or The Monster Squad which parodied the plots of movies like Suspiria and Ilsa. We spent the better part of two hours working on the theatrical one sheet we planned to use in order to get some backing for it, but also threw around ideas for some of the jokes and dialogue in the script. Much to my surprise, the ideas were actually funny.

I tend to work better when working with other people as opposed to going solo. I’m of the opinion that most of the time it takes more than one person to make a genius. Working with my partner, a more defined and humorous personality emerged for the script and actually boosted my confidence in it a great deal. We may actually be able to get this thing made.

After arriving back at my apartment, it was time to sit down for Manhunters, but I also had another meeting with another friend about a short film I wrote that was going to be shot up near Fresno. An experimental short dealing with the nature of belief and portraying an event that may or may not be supernatural, this project had been on the back burner for some time. Now things are heating up, and my other partner and I aim to shoot it sometime in December if everything goes according to plan.

During this meeting we went through the script and started outlining the shots. We must have gotten through about five pages of scenes, many of which were incredibly easy to figure out. Having a definite vision for a project always helps. We talked about he cinematography at length as well as our location options for the shoot, which we aimed to finish in a week or less.

Then finally came Manhunters and that dreaded writer’s block. My brand of the wall is unique. Nine times out of ten I know when and where my story ends. It’s just bridging the gap. I had already gotten from points A through C, and knew what would happen from points F through H. That was no issue, but getting from point C to point F was essential, and damn it all if I couldn’t figure out just what the hell to do with points D and E.

I knew the plot could be at a standstill. Even if things happened they had to related directly to my main characters’ mission. Anything else would just be filler. Going from there, I did some free writing, and the ideas started coming. Within the next half hour, I had re-outlined the script and now had a clear roadmap of where to go and what to do.

The new structure for Manhunters is now complete, and it is a much more tight, suspenseful, and active exercise in torturing my audience. All I can say is, looking forward to wrapping this up. I’ll defiantly have this script done by the end of the month.

After that it’s back to the magical land of Haiden where my far flying fire breathing hero awaits my instructions on how his story is to unfold in the sixth draft of our story.

Hopefully the rest of the week will be as eventful and productive as Monday, which is quickly shaping up to be one of my favorite days of the week.


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