On Writing Manhunters

Yesterday it happened. I typed those two greatest of words on the tail end of my manuscript, Manhunters. Those two words which grant such relief and serenity to many a writer.


Yes, they grant relief and serenity, but at the same time the words are somewhat sobering. It is always somewhat of a sad experience leaving characters behind that you’ve grown to love, and this was no exception. Manhunters is a story of werewolves, but like most of my other works, I tried to keep this tale of lycanthropes very unusual.

The first point being that Manhunters was much less inspired by movies like An American Werewolf in London and The Wolf Man. Hell, it wasn’t even inspired by the Underworld Series, or God help you, Twilight. It was inspired by the more disturbing brand of police procedural, movies like Silence of the Lambs and Manhunter. The first films in the Hannibal Lecter series, these films and the books they were based on are tales of human evil. Human evil is exactly what Manhunters is about, lycanthropes sharing a city with a killer so sadistic and twisted that he makes them seem normal by comparison.

1986’s Manhunter was surprisingly influential during the writing process. One of my favorite things to do in writing is to pick a long collection of songs both instrumental and lyrical that fit the theme of my story and play them on a loop. It helps set the mood and get me in that special writing zen. The soundtrack for Manhunter was my choice. Its soothing, seductive, yet threatening score was perfect for my needs.

In particular, I took a liking to the theme of the film, Strong as I Am by the Prime Movers. Somehow it seemed thematically appropriate, as if it were my heroes talking about their curse and their gift both. It didn’t sound like the theme to a werewolf movie, but at the same time it couldn’t have been more perfect for this one.

Yes, this script is very unusual. I am very proud of it, but still believe it could use some minor tweaking. Right now I’m sending it out to close associates and friends with writing backgrounds to get some thoughts on how it could be improved. That being said, I know it’s close. All the plot holes that so troubled me on the last draft have since been dealt with, several issues with the characters have been more hammered out or fleshed out depending on the need, and it has become and all around more demented tale of the macabre.


Expect to see more of this pack of flesh eaters soon. I’ll be posting the updated first act of the script in a few days’ time and eagerly look forward to hearing any thoughts you all may have on it. Talk to you soon.


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