Unshackled Mind: A Post Writing High

One of my shortcomings as a writer isn’t lack of output. If anything, I write far too much, spreading myself far too thin over may projects of many genres, never giving any of them the undivided attention they deserve.

One of the many drawbacks to a style like this, apart from the inevitable exhaustion, is that it’s very hard to get into the spirit of one project when another is constantly whispering from the back of your head. For example, it’s very hard for me to get into the action packed adventures of a reluctant dragon while the dark and brooding tale of an oil rig besieged by intelligent sea monsters insists on making itself known.

Last month, I decided to change that, and only devote myself to two projects at a time. I had been juggling around three, my novel, Never Heroes, the b movie comedy I’m currently writing with a partner, and a third screenplay project that was switched once another was completed.

It was just so hard to get in the mood for any of them with the gaggle of conflicting emotions and styles that so plagued me with their demands to be sealed in letters. I made a decision to put Never Heroes on hold until completing another draft of one of my scripts, the werewolf thriller Manhunters.

Now that the script is done, the feeling is one of liberation. This is not to say I’m not proud of my script. It marks a large improvement over the last draft, with much greater suspense and character development. But with those two words, “The End” typed into the page, all the images that shackled me away from other works have now been unlocked. The images have left, taken up residence in the page and allowed my imagination to once again roam free.

It is a good feeling, much like taking a breath of fresh air on a cool spring morning after being stuffed in a cellar for two months because you refused to eat sauerkrauts. Oddly specific description, I know, but that’s what it’s like.

This week I’ll finally be looking over my editor’s notes on the final few chapters of Never Heroes, and will draw up my plans to re-write and improve the third act into something great.

So don’t you guys go anywhere. We’ve got another illustration on the way, and the first act of the werewolf thriller Manhunters is available for reading and criticism by clicking this link.

Take care, and thanks for reading.

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