Werewolves vs. Serial Killer: Manhunters Act 1

After some last minute edits and hours of re-formatting, it’s finally here. The first act of the horror/thriller Manhunters is available for all of you fine people to view.

Manhunters tells the story of three seemingly normal citizens of San Francisco, local radio personality Jordan Childs, law student Kotori Dan George, and retail worker Ethan Wallace. By day they have normal jobs, normal dreams, and all around normal lives. But by the dark of night they change into flesh hungry beasts that hunt San Francisco’s streets in order to survive.

But they’re not the only hunters in the city. A vicious serial killer has claimed his nineteenth known victim, and will soon kill again unless stopped. A frustrated detective named Jennifer Steele only has two days to prevent someone else from being murdered, and it seems only Jordan, Kotori and Ethan, with their heightened senses, have a chance of finding the killer. The three lycanthropes and the detective form an unlikely alliance for the sake of destroying a greater evil.

Linked below is the first 34 pages of this latest draft of Manhunters. If you’re interested in seeing the full script, please contact me via email. Enjoy the read.

Manhunters Act 1

Also, here are the pages for the illustrations used in this article. Please check these and other works out to support these artists.

Illustration 1

Illustration 2


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