Criticism Hurts So Good

So my latest draft of Manhunters has been making the rounds to my colleagues and friends both. As I expected, the reviews aren’t raves, but they’re not bad either. Honestly, it’s doing much better than I expected, proud of it though I am.

There are any number of issues that have been pointed out, some things big that require great revision, some things little that can be altered with a few lines of dialogue. As is the case with any writer who poured so much into a project, hearing the words does hurt.

It hurts alright. It hurts so good. It hurts good because the act of me kicking myself for making such a silly mistake is interrupted by a slew of ideas on how to fix it, which is exactly what a good piece of criticism should do.

I’ve always held that critics are your friends, though their words inevitably cause distress, especially when the project is so near and dear to you. But remember, as much as you love a project now, the removal of anything that tarnishes it can help you love it even more.

I won’t be getting back into Manhunters right away, but I’ll know where to start once I do. So to all that have offered their thoughts on this project and its weaknesses, you have my thanks.


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