And So It Begins…Again

Well, my period of post writing rest is over, for I have a very stubborn character knocking on the door to my brain. Yeah. I didn’t know brains had doors either. Must be a bitch to find locks for the thing.

Okay. This joke is going nowhere.

With another illustration for the first in my Never Heroes series of books nearly done and my latest script taking a well deserved rest after its fifth draft, I thought now would be a good time to rest up a little.

The lead to Never Heroes had other ideas. He’s been egging me for the past few days to get back to work.

“Don’t sit and rot, boy.” he says. “Every moment of silent decay you heap upon yourself is another moment I suffer in this empty head of yours.”

Yep, old Red can be very insulting. He can also be very persuasive considering he’s quite large with gnashing teeth.




We’ve all had that character who is stubborn enough to light a fire under your seat. Given that Red is a dragon, his fire-under-seat skills are a natural talent.

But you know what? I’m always ready for the next writing adventure, and the prospect of seeing this story taken on yet more life than it already has is always one that gives me the goose pimples.

So today it begins. I’ll be taking notes and brainstorming for the next week in an attempt to organize my thoughts, to find what heights this story can really reach.

Given the fire that Red has lit on my bottom, I just might shoot all the way to Mars.

“Mars isn’t far enough, boy.”

Okay Red. We’ll go past Mars. Gosh!


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