Before the Big Write

I just concluded the first of many creative meetings with my cohorts in regards to my first book, the fantasy/action epic Never Heroes. In preparation for our sixth draft, we aim for the story to undergo a major overhaul, meaning for the first time in about a year, the story will be re-written from the ground up.

We talked about this at length for five hours, brainstorming ideas on how to spice up the action and character development. Through it all, a different, and indeed better version of this narrative started to emerge. The basic skeleton of it all remained the same, but as always the devil is in the details.

So far one character has been largely written out of this book, though she will likely appear in later chapters of this saga. As her role was diminished, two other characters will be getting a much greater amount of page time. One of the locations was jettisoned and combined with another chapter, for now anyway. Motivations and characterization were discussed. Various weaknesses were done away with. And the list goes on.

I also am getting ready to do something I should have done a long time ago. I’m getting ready to do a lot of reading. I haven’t read a book in a few years, which I suppose is rather silly considering I’m trying to write one. It remains a very consistent piece of advice I receive. If you want to write, you better read, and read a lot.

So wouldn’t you know that I ordered a few books. Four to be exact. I ordered them from one of my favorite authors, Stephen King. In this collection I got his classic book on literature, On Writing, as well as three of his greatest novels, Carrie, The Shining and Salem’s Lot. The latter three are conveniently bound in a single hardcover book, and I intend to read them all.

Finishing this book properly is going to take a lot of work, and one of my weaknesses as a writer is once I complete a draft, I fear deviating too far from it. I intend to overcome that fear, and make this book the best book it can possibly be.

I’ve got thirty two pages of notes to look through, many chapters to plan, character arcs to build, action set pieces to organize. This book can be great, but only if I’m willing to put in the work for it. It deserves nothing less than my undivided attention.


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