2000 Words Down

Well I set myself aside a daily minimum of 2000 words, and vowed last night to meet that goal come hell or high water. Before I turned in for the night, that goal was met.

Chapter 1 I expect to be the most tedious as that is the chapter that has changed the least since this book’s inception. Chapter 2 (formerly Chapter 3) has the same problem. In many ways it felt somewhat like photocopying, though there were still improvements in visuals and the pacing.

What I’m really looking forward to is Chapter 3 onward, because those are the parts where the story has changed the most. It’s there where the new and improved characters, scenes and dialogue will really be able to take wing.

I sit here at my place of employment at 4:50 in the morning, my shift not starting for another hour or so. I don’t expect my 2000 word minimum to be met today due to my work schedule, but as with any goal that doesn’t mean you should just stop. Let’s see how much I can type in an hour.


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