My New Writing Routine

Well, the evening is young and my fingers are itching to do the keyboard waltz again. In less than an hour, My digits will be doing a little dance of letters and bringing my first book to life yet again.

There’s been much for me to think about, not the least of which has been my schedule and what time of day I’ll be devoting myself to writing. I have much to do in the way of my daily routine, not just writing but also my gym trips, job search, and a healthy few hours to catch up on my reading. When oh when do I write?

I’ve chosen the morning prior to the gym as my mind is still racing from my dreams, but after the gym I would likely just want to do a quick rest before going onto the job hunt. Also if I wrote after the gym, I would perhaps spend too much time on it and neglect my applications. The gym provides a nice barrier, and it would be easy to knock out at least 2000 words before hitting the treadmill.

I’ve chosen my evenings to read in. It feels like such a good way to end the day, buried in the pages of a book, and that would be a good way to keep the brain active even as I drift off to sleep, so once I wake up in the morning, everything will be ready to go.

Now when to close the pages on this book of mine? I’ve been wondering if I should post a definite deadline on myself. I expect this draft, like the last ones, to take two or three months to complete. Then what? It won’t be done after that. There will still be hammering out problems with the prose and dialogue. Perhaps minor re-writes here and there.

I’ve chosen to give myself another year at most and then call it a day on this book. It will have been four years since the first picture was drawn for this come the end of 2017, and i fear if I spend too much time on this piece, I’ll suck the life right out of it.

Some people take four or five years to finish a novel. I know Rowling took seven to finish the first Harry Potter book. I don’t think I can spend seven on one book, especially since ideas for the next several keep coming. It distracts me from the one at hand.

I do believe in one year, probably less, I can make this book the best I can possibly make it. I did learn from On Writing that no writer will ever achieve 100% of what they want, but that’s okay. Try for it anyway to see how close you can get. Maybe I can hit 99%.

And with that, salutations friends. It’s time for my fingers to do the keyboard waltz. The dance will take us back to a familiar place of untamed wilds of sea and sky, of elves with mullets and warriors with the healing touch, and great beasts in the sky with titanic wingspans and breasts filled with fire.

It will be a most rewarding adventure.


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