I Could Be A Paid Writer By This Weekend

Well, after the long and oft interrupted task of writing chapter six of my novel, I decided today would be the day I completed the 10th and final training article for MoviePilot. That article is now done, which means I’m now eligible to ¬†apply for Verified Creator Status, meaning I’ll be seeing my first ever paychecks related to writing.

I’m going to Scrooge McDuck this joint up.

It has been a learning journey, some articles being favorites of mine not doing terribly well, while others becoming unexpected hits. My Alien: Covenant article for example, which I thought was half assed, ended up being my biggest hit so far, probably because the movie was currently trending.

Tonight I thought I would take a trip down memory lane and write a little number on slasher films. Many consider these films sexist, but if you watch some of the better examples of the genre, you can actually find some very positive messages for young women out there looking to make their ways in the world. That’s what always attracted me to the genre more than anything else. I hope you’ll all agree.

Maidens vs. Maniacs: Why Slasher Movies Are Actually Pro Women

Tomorrow it will be back to business as usual as I plow through chapter seven of my novel. I expect this chapter to whiz on by as it will largely be a port from the previous draft with some edits here and there to flesh it out. The book is coming along. The end is on the horizon.

Hope you all like my article, and I’ll let you know when the next one comes up.


The Universe Tried To Stop Me Again, But I Finished Chapter Six

Wow. Writing Chapter Six of this book was ludicrous.

Wouldn’t you know it, but my path to completion was once again obstructed. I was writing the chapter, about four or so pages from the end, when I get a text from the producer of that short film I’ll be directing. Sunday night we had a meeting and I put forward the idea of re-writing my script slightly in order to fix a casting problem. We were unable to find a child actor, so I said I could do some quick re-writes and just write the part for an older character. He liked the idea and we agreed on it.

While writing the book, I get a text from him asking if the re-writes were done. Now bear in mind he gave no indication he wanted these re-writes done this soon. I was under the impression we would sit down and do them together since this script had been a collaborative effort up to now.

I wanted to wait until tomorrow, but I couldn’t concentrate on the novel with that script looming over me. I tightened my boot straps, opened the script document and knocked out the edits in about ten to fifteen minutes then sent it to my producer. I neglected to mention in the email I wanted to strangle him.

Anybody here ever watch the comedy of W.C. Fields? My favorite short of his is called The Golf Specialist. In it, Fields tries to impress a girl by showing off his golf skills. Problem is he can’t even get in the first putt. He spends ten minutes trying to get in that first hit.

“Stand still. Keep your eye on the ball.” he says. And then something comes up. The sun gets in his eyes, the caddy is standing in the wrong place, a loud noise distracts him. The sketch ends before he so much as taps the golf ball.

That’s what writing Chapter Six of this book felt like, and the entire world was the caddy with his squeaky shoes.

But I got the chapter done and it stands at an impressive 9326 words. It actually became so lengthy I decided to move one of my planned sequences to a later chapter. Well, that will put some meat on Chapter Eight’s bones.

Today I aim to wrap up Chapter Seven, which should be a quick port and re-edit from the previous draft. Perhaps I can also get started on Chapter Eight, which will consist largely of all new material created specifically for this iteration of the story.

Also, just as importantly, I aim to wrap up my final training article for MoviePilot and apply for status as a paid employee. We shall see how that goes, but if all goes according to plan, I just might get my first check for writing by the end of the week.

Screw You Universe! Ima Write Chapter Six!

Sometimes the Universe does conspire against you. It seems determined to keep me from writing chapter six of my book.

I planned on writing it last night after I got off work, and very well could have. Then I was called for a last minute meeting by the producer of a short film I’ll be directing in the next few weeks.

Then the plan was to do it this morning. Sent out my job applications early just to be primed for it, and wrapped up another chapter of Stephen King’s Salem’s Lot to open those neural pathways. I started writing, completed some five hundred words when what do you know? Another last minute meeting with an old OSU classmate.

Somebody doesn’t want me to finish this chapter, and to that I can say screw that noise! I’m already two pages away from hitting my ideal minimum and it looks like this chapter will be a nice lengthy one. I’m going to wrap it up tonight if I have to stay up until the wee hours of the morning, you know why? Because that’s what a writer does.

Then tomorrow I’ll finish up my final training article for MoviePilot and submit a pitch for my first paid article.

I may be a struggling artist, but I’m still an artist with a lot to learn and a lot to prove. Better be that than just plain struggling.

Is The End Finally In Sight?

My first book had been in my heart for 10 years. I started trying to write it as a script at 18. It wasn’t until college where I started seriously writing it in script form, and delved deep into it at the age of twenty four. It wasn’t until I was twenty six that I began writing it as a book. I’m now on my sixth draft of it, five chapters in with a sixth that I plan to finish tonight or pass out trying. I wonder, is this book finally at long last almost done?

Stephen King said he likes to give himself three months for a book. I thought that was about how long it would take for me. It took about that long for each draft that required massive re-writes. In my naivety, I thought I could start writing the book in June and have it published by Christmas. Good luck with that, am I right?

Even then, that draft wasn’t very good. It was disjointed, lacked direction, and was just all around lacking in excitement. I didn’t even finish it before starting over and writing it from a first person perspective. That’s what saved this story. The lead character’s voice was just so much fun. What better way to tell the story than with the voice of a snide, condescending wyrm embarrassed by his own capacity for good?

But it seemed whenever I was on what I thought was the final draft, the walls would topple and the story would have to be rebuilt. Too many questions, not enough answers, and never that satisfaction of putting the book down for the last time.

Honestly if it was just me working on this, that wouldn’t be so hard to endure, but I got my friends involved, who put up with my rampant emotions, gave me glorious artwork, and more support and optimism than I could have ever given this thing on my own. I want to finish this and I want it to be successful because they deserve to be rewarded for helping this happen. I don’t want to have dragged them all this way for a dud.

What I can say is this story isn’t a dud because it has everything I love about a good narrative. A unique hero, a great ensemble of colorful characters, a genre told in a fresh new way. This is the kind of book I would pick up to read. I hope there’s an agent out there who will agree.

I’ve accepted the fact that I’ll never be 100% satisfied with this book, though I am still in love with it. I’ll still shoot for 100% though to see how high I’ll get to my goal. Right now, the arrow is landing at around 90. I can live with that.

Soon I’ll Be Getting Paid For Writing

Well, Sunday went well as expected. I wasn’t able to wrap up Chapter 4, but I did get a whopping 11 pages done on the book. Also, chapter 4 was finished Monday, so all is well. I took a brief break from the book the last two days in order to work on my writings for MoviePilot, and was able to find out how much I would be getting paid for each article. It’s about as much as I was expecting.

I have completed several more articles for the website, which means I just need to do one more before I can apply to be paid for my work. There were some fallbacks. For example, my article for Alien: Covenant was pretty much finished when I accidentally deleted it and there was no undo button. I had to re-write the entire thing, a process that took two hours.

Honestly, I’m pretty excited. The idea of getting paid for my work in writing, however little, is awesome.

My latest articles are for Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom,¬†a live action Pokemon movie and Schindler’s List. Feel free to read and share them at your leisure. Anything that will help me get more traffic. But starting next week, we shall see if this will start filling my bank account.

I’m on my way to being a paid writer!

Tomorrow I’ll be attempting to finish up Chapter 5 on my book. It’s already halfway done now. In any case, it will be done by Monday for sure.

Thanks all for reading this and happy writing.

The Next Nine Yards

Well, today is going to be a strange one as this will be another time I’ll have been away from my apartment for over a day. After finishing work yesterday I went over to a volunteer job, and it didn’t end until my following shift was ready to start up. In spite of having another morning shift, I won’t be leaving the store until 11 tonight on account of a store meeting. My regular shift ends and noon, and the meeting won’t be for nine hours.

You know what that means? Writing time. I’ve got some more of Salem’s Lot to get through and chapter four to finish on my book. I aim to wrap up chapter four before Monday, and with nine hours to spare, I can do it. Wish me luck everybody. Today is going to be one long waltz on the keyboard.

Never Heroes News: Chapters 2 & 3 Are Done (Again)

Greetings friends. Sorry for taking such a long time to get back. Last week has been one of many disappointments. However, sitting around and moping won’t fix things. The only way to do that is to get to work, so I’ve made myself pretty busy.

The sixth draft of my first novel, the fantasy/adventure epic Never Heroes, has doubled in length. That’s right, I’ve since written over 13,000 words, bringing the total up to 65 pages. My daily goal of 2k words has been working out very well, and I’m actually quite surprised with how much material is being ported over from the previous draft. Because of this, chapter 3 came in at a whopping 24 pages, a personal record for me in chapter length. No overindulging though. That’s just how the cards fell.

Chapter 4 promises to be an exciting one. That one is going to have some major re-writes, a brand new action scene, and some nice ports over from the previous draft. I also expect it to be very long and atmospheric. Also it serves as a nice place to put something that had been bugging me, a mention of the character of Saar’Jya, who won’t be appearing in tis book in the flesh, but still will carry a heavy influence over the unfolding story.

Also, big, big news everyone. Our cover is looking fantastic so far. I won’t show you any previews on this one but suffice to say, it is going to be a knockout. My artist and I will be doing some additional experimentation with our title font in order to have it be more than just black letters, stylish though those black letters are.

Hit a record number of job applications today. Sent out fifty of the little buggers. We’ll see if anyone bites.

Thank you again Stephen King for your awesome words on reading. The mere act of picking up a book as been immensely helpful. I’m now about a third of the way through Salem’s Lot and have just passed by my first vampire attack. Things are getting spooky and it has helped me re-learn the art of prose. My writing hasn’t been this productive in a long time.

I’m going to make an attempt to finish up chapter 4 by Monday. I got three days to work with so that should be more than enough. Who here thinks I can do it? Place your bets.

Catch you all later.

Our First Title Font

Hello all my faithful readers. More news in the way of Never Heroes. Thanks again for sticking with this project these last two years. It has been a challenge to get this book done, but we’re on the home stretch with the sixth draft underway and some thoughts on my treatment forthcoming.

We also continue to expand on our artwork and advertising, and have completed the first of several title fonts we’re going to test out to see which one people like the best. This one took us about two days to finish, and we’re pretty happy with how it looks.


My artist and I plan on experimenting with a few more choices, probably two, before we decide amongst ourselves which one is the best. That being said, this one is so far looking very promising. Who knows? It may be the one already.

Hope you all like it and we’ll be back with more news soon.

First Chapter Done (Again)

Writing is a tough business, and working on draft after draft can make you sour to an otherwise well loved project. Fortunately, the process of writing the sixth draft of my first book is coming along nicely.

Yesterday I didn’t write a word as I was deeply depressed by current events. I won’t get into specifics, but it was very difficult for me to even leave my room. Today I wanted to change that so I decided to find a new writing spot, a place that I couldn’t leave until hitting my daily word goal. I decided to pick this place by whether or not it had an electric charging station, as my car is a hybrid and I hadn’t been able to charge it for several months.

I ended up finding a mall pretty close to where I lived and going there. I plugged in my car at 10 in the morning and left three hours later. In those three hours, I completed 3000 words, completing the first chapter of my book and writing two pages of the second. I made the journey back to my apartment with a full chapter and battery both.

This writing place was pretty nice. It had a food court in the event I wanted to grab a bite before I left, and the charging station was nice and close to where I worked. The writing time worked out pretty good as well. In roughly the time it took me to knock out 3k words, my car’s battering was full and ready to go.

Honestly, while I like the Cafe at the End of the Universe better, this place is much less of a hassle to get to. Griffith Park has horrible parking and nowhere to give my car any juice. To top it off, the traffic stinks so I always get there in a bad mood. The journey here was easy and relaxing, and the charging station was conveniently there for my car. I arrived in a much better mood, so I was better able to write.

All told, it took me an average of three days to complete this chapter, which will probably be the least changed chapter of the entire manuscript. I’m looking forward to working on the next chapters because that’s where the story really changes, hopefully for the better.

Thanks all for reading and let’s see how much I can finish before the weekend.