First Chapter Done (Again)

Writing is a tough business, and working on draft after draft can make you sour to an otherwise well loved project. Fortunately, the process of writing the sixth draft of my first book is coming along nicely.

Yesterday I didn’t write a word as I was deeply depressed by current events. I won’t get into specifics, but it was very difficult for me to even leave my room. Today I wanted to change that so I decided to find a new writing spot, a place that I couldn’t leave until hitting my daily word goal. I decided to pick this place by whether or not it had an electric charging station, as my car is a hybrid and I hadn’t been able to charge it for several months.

I ended up finding a mall pretty close to where I lived and going there. I plugged in my car at 10 in the morning and left three hours later. In those three hours, I completed 3000 words, completing the first chapter of my book and writing two pages of the second. I made the journey back to my apartment with a full chapter and battery both.

This writing place was pretty nice. It had a food court in the event I wanted to grab a bite before I left, and the charging station was nice and close to where I worked. The writing time worked out pretty good as well. In roughly the time it took me to knock out 3k words, my car’s battering was full and ready to go.

Honestly, while I like the Cafe at the End of the Universe better, this place is much less of a hassle to get to. Griffith Park has horrible parking and nowhere to give my car any juice. To top it off, the traffic stinks so I always get there in a bad mood. The journey here was easy and relaxing, and the charging station was conveniently there for my car. I arrived in a much better mood, so I was better able to write.

All told, it took me an average of three days to complete this chapter, which will probably be the least changed chapter of the entire manuscript. I’m looking forward to working on the next chapters because that’s where the story really changes, hopefully for the better.

Thanks all for reading and let’s see how much I can finish before the weekend.



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