Soon I’ll Be Getting Paid For Writing

Well, Sunday went well as expected. I wasn’t able to wrap up Chapter 4, but I did get a whopping 11 pages done on the book. Also, chapter 4 was finished Monday, so all is well. I took a brief break from the book the last two days in order to work on my writings for MoviePilot, and was able to find out how much I would be getting paid for each article. It’s about as much as I was expecting.

I have completed several more articles for the website, which means I just need to do one more before I can apply to be paid for my work. There were some fallbacks. For example, my article for Alien: Covenant was pretty much finished when I accidentally deleted it and there was no undo button. I had to re-write the entire thing, a process that took two hours.

Honestly, I’m pretty excited. The idea of getting paid for my work in writing, however little, is awesome.

My latest articles are for Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Dooma live action Pokemon movie and Schindler’s List. Feel free to read and share them at your leisure. Anything that will help me get more traffic. But starting next week, we shall see if this will start filling my bank account.

I’m on my way to being a paid writer!

Tomorrow I’ll be attempting to finish up Chapter 5 on my book. It’s already halfway done now. In any case, it will be done by Monday for sure.

Thanks all for reading this and happy writing.


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