Is The End Finally In Sight?

My first book had been in my heart for 10 years. I started trying to write it as a script at 18. It wasn’t until college where I started seriously writing it in script form, and delved deep into it at the age of twenty four. It wasn’t until I was twenty six that I began writing it as a book. I’m now on my sixth draft of it, five chapters in with a sixth that I plan to finish tonight or pass out trying. I wonder, is this book finally at long last almost done?

Stephen King said he likes to give himself three months for a book. I thought that was about how long it would take for me. It took about that long for each draft that required massive re-writes. In my naivety, I thought I could start writing the book in June and have it published by Christmas. Good luck with that, am I right?

Even then, that draft wasn’t very good. It was disjointed, lacked direction, and was just all around lacking in excitement. I didn’t even finish it before starting over and writing it from a first person perspective. That’s what saved this story. The lead character’s voice was just so much fun. What better way to tell the story than with the voice of a snide, condescending wyrm embarrassed by his own capacity for good?

But it seemed whenever I was on what I thought was the final draft, the walls would topple and the story would have to be rebuilt. Too many questions, not enough answers, and never that satisfaction of putting the book down for the last time.

Honestly if it was just me working on this, that wouldn’t be so hard to endure, but I got my friends involved, who put up with my rampant emotions, gave me glorious artwork, and more support and optimism than I could have ever given this thing on my own. I want to finish this and I want it to be successful because they deserve to be rewarded for helping this happen. I don’t want to have dragged them all this way for a dud.

What I can say is this story isn’t a dud because it has everything I love about a good narrative. A unique hero, a great ensemble of colorful characters, a genre told in a fresh new way. This is the kind of book I would pick up to read. I hope there’s an agent out there who will agree.

I’ve accepted the fact that I’ll never be 100% satisfied with this book, though I am still in love with it. I’ll still shoot for 100% though to see how high I’ll get to my goal. Right now, the arrow is landing at around 90. I can live with that.


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