Screw You Universe! Ima Write Chapter Six!

Sometimes the Universe does conspire against you. It seems determined to keep me from writing chapter six of my book.

I planned on writing it last night after I got off work, and very well could have. Then I was called for a last minute meeting by the producer of a short film I’ll be directing in the next few weeks.

Then the plan was to do it this morning. Sent out my job applications early just to be primed for it, and wrapped up another chapter of Stephen King’s Salem’s Lot to open those neural pathways. I started writing, completed some five hundred words when what do you know? Another last minute meeting with an old OSU classmate.

Somebody doesn’t want me to finish this chapter, and to that I can say screw that noise! I’m already two pages away from hitting my ideal minimum and it looks like this chapter will be a nice lengthy one. I’m going to wrap it up tonight if I have to stay up until the wee hours of the morning, you know why? Because that’s what a writer does.

Then tomorrow I’ll finish up my final training article for MoviePilot and submit a pitch for my first paid article.

I may be a struggling artist, but I’m still an artist with a lot to learn and a lot to prove. Better be that than just plain struggling.


2 thoughts on “Screw You Universe! Ima Write Chapter Six!

    • Would you believe I just got another interruption? Had to do edits on a script I’ll be shooting in December. This is getting to be like that W.C. Fields short where he spends 15 minutes just trying to hit a golf ball.

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