The Universe Tried To Stop Me Again, But I Finished Chapter Six

Wow. Writing Chapter Six of this book was ludicrous.

Wouldn’t you know it, but my path to completion was once again obstructed. I was writing the chapter, about four or so pages from the end, when I get a text from the producer of that short film I’ll be directing. Sunday night we had a meeting and I put forward the idea of re-writing my script slightly in order to fix a casting problem. We were unable to find a child actor, so I said I could do some quick re-writes and just write the part for an older character. He liked the idea and we agreed on it.

While writing the book, I get a text from him asking if the re-writes were done. Now bear in mind he gave no indication he wanted these re-writes done this soon. I was under the impression we would sit down and do them together since this script had been a collaborative effort up to now.

I wanted to wait until tomorrow, but I couldn’t concentrate on the novel with that script looming over me. I tightened my boot straps, opened the script document and knocked out the edits in about ten to fifteen minutes then sent it to my producer. I neglected to mention in the email I wanted to strangle him.

Anybody here ever watch the comedy of W.C. Fields? My favorite short of his is called The Golf Specialist. In it, Fields tries to impress a girl by showing off his golf skills. Problem is he can’t even get in the first putt. He spends ten minutes trying to get in that first hit.

“Stand still. Keep your eye on the ball.” he says. And then something comes up. The sun gets in his eyes, the caddy is standing in the wrong place, a loud noise distracts him. The sketch ends before he so much as taps the golf ball.

That’s what writing Chapter Six of this book felt like, and the entire world was the caddy with his squeaky shoes.

But I got the chapter done and it stands at an impressive 9326 words. It actually became so lengthy I decided to move one of my planned sequences to a later chapter. Well, that will put some meat on Chapter Eight’s bones.

Today I aim to wrap up Chapter Seven, which should be a quick port and re-edit from the previous draft. Perhaps I can also get started on Chapter Eight, which will consist largely of all new material created specifically for this iteration of the story.

Also, just as importantly, I aim to wrap up my final training article for MoviePilot and apply for status as a paid employee. We shall see how that goes, but if all goes according to plan, I just might get my first check for writing by the end of the week.

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