I Could Be A Paid Writer By This Weekend

Well, after the long and oft interrupted task of writing chapter six of my novel, I decided today would be the day I completed the 10th and final training article for MoviePilot. That article is now done, which means I’m now eligible to  apply for Verified Creator Status, meaning I’ll be seeing my first ever paychecks related to writing.

I’m going to Scrooge McDuck this joint up.

It has been a learning journey, some articles being favorites of mine not doing terribly well, while others becoming unexpected hits. My Alien: Covenant article for example, which I thought was half assed, ended up being my biggest hit so far, probably because the movie was currently trending.

Tonight I thought I would take a trip down memory lane and write a little number on slasher films. Many consider these films sexist, but if you watch some of the better examples of the genre, you can actually find some very positive messages for young women out there looking to make their ways in the world. That’s what always attracted me to the genre more than anything else. I hope you’ll all agree.

Maidens vs. Maniacs: Why Slasher Movies Are Actually Pro Women

Tomorrow it will be back to business as usual as I plow through chapter seven of my novel. I expect this chapter to whiz on by as it will largely be a port from the previous draft with some edits here and there to flesh it out. The book is coming along. The end is on the horizon.

Hope you all like my article, and I’ll let you know when the next one comes up.

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