The Differing Journeys of Chapter Seven & Eight

This latest draft of my novel continues to shape up. Have knocked out over 60,000 words and seven chapters are done with an eighth looking to wrap by this weekend. I’m already halfway done with that one.

Chapter 7 was a quick journey. That one I was able to finish in a few hours. The reason for this is that chapter was, for the most part, a pretty easy port from the previous draft. Out of all chapters, that one may have changed the least.

There were still new additions. I changed the old fisherman caring for the town’s horses into a foul mouthed fourteen year old girl whose mother constantly told her to watch her tongue. I didn’t have one character stick close to my hero, instead leaving my fire breathing protagonist alone for some time of quiet contemplation. Still, it all took a mere few hours.

Chapter 8 on the other hand is a much different journey. There are but a few ports in this chapter, because most of this one consists of entirely new material. I was greatly worried about this one, worrying if I would be able to get that same spark back after six drafts. Still, as the draft wears on, the ideas keep coming to make this draft the best it can possibly be. It’s already thirteen pages and over 4000 words long, and the prose continues to flow smoothly onward.

These two chapters are drastically different journeys. One is re-writing and one is, mostly, writing for the first time. But they both have the same goal in mind, to make it in the pages of this book. Keeping them both consistent with each other is a challenge. A fun challenge, but a challenge nonetheless.


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