Another Day In The Writing Paradise

I’ve grown to love times when I have a long wait for something. That’s because usually I have to wait where there’s no internet access, leaving me with just two things to do. read and right.

I work retail on the weekends in my life as a struggling artist. We’ve all been there as we hammer away at a job we don’t like while we work on the side to make our dreams come true. Most of the time it’s very difficult, and sometimes it can be enough to kill your confidence.

Tomorrow I’ll be experiencing one of the little perks of my retail job. My store hosts an annual Christmas party at a local country club where we get a nice (and expensive) meal and a gift raffle where all store employees walk away with a Christmas gift. The question is not whether you will receive a gift, but what that gift shall be. Last year I landed a pretty nifty set of headphones that I use for my occasional videogame.

What does this have to do with writing? Well, my shift at the store ends at 2:30. The party doesn’t start until 9. See where I’m going?

I’ll be heading over to the country club right after my shift, will find myself a nice little corner, and do the keyboard waltz until the sun goes down and the festivities begin. I will most certainly be finishing up Chapter 8 of my book then, putting me either at the halfway point of this draft, or pretty damn close to it.

I’ve grown to love these long waits, because they are some of my most productive times as a writer. I despise my retail job as much as the next person, but occasionally they throw me a bone. Tomorrow, I’ll get a big one to chew on.

Life is grand.


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