A Week Of Work & Writer’s Block

The aftermath of our store’s holiday party was not what I expected when it came to my book. Would you believe I only finished one chapter so far this week?

Granted, chapter 10 is looking pretty swell so far but it will be a long shot for it to wrap up by the weekend. There’s so much new material to write, so much old material to port and trim, and no shortage of ideas to sort through to see which ones work and which ones don’t.

So why was this week not quite so productive? Work for one. I was going around applying to temp agencies for work to see if a career in art and media could be jumpstarted. Then of course came MoviePilot where it turned out the evaluation on my final article had been sent but the email somehow didn’t go through.

So I got that evaluation and plowed through the article Wednesday. My article, on Why Guardians of the Galaxy Needs More Kevin Bacon, hasn’t proven as big a hit as I hoped, and I have yet to receive word on if this now makes me a verified creator. Throw in a little existential crisis and I wasn’t in the mood to write Wednesday night.

I struggled all through chapter 9 on Thursday. I was just not having very much fun. Downright miserable experience realizing I’m approaching 30 which puts me about a third of the way done with this ride before the coaster stops and we need to step off. I used to believe in an afterlife. Now I’m not so sure, and I work under the assumption this will be my one shot. That puts a lot of urgency in things.

Things were shaping up that night though. I was able to wrap up 9 and get started on 10. If I keep at it, I may be able to clinch the halfway point before turning in.

Tomorrow holds some promise. I’m going to a cookout for the Greater Los Angeles Writer’s Society and will be doing an open mic reading of four pages from my manuscript. It will be the first ever public reading of the material at this stage, so hopefully it will be warmly received. If not, it will be a nice meal to enjoy.

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