The Public Reading of My Book

Well, I was able to read some of my book publicly in front of Greater Los Angeles Writer’s Society. How did it go? In spite of a few hiccups, it went rather well.

For one there was a problem with the address. I punched in the wrong one in my GPS. Because of that I arrived twenty minutes later than I had planned and didn’t get a lot of networking opportunities. I arrived stressed out, upset and starving. I hadn’t eaten anything since 4 in the morning, and that was just a piece of bread. Fortunately a banquet was awaiting my attention. Pulled pork, biscuits, cookies, cake, and so much more. That filled my belly and left me feeling better.

As for the reading itself, about those flubs. I accidentally left one of my four pages on the floor of my car, so that sucked. I started reading from page two which didn’t provide as much context to the scene. Also, typos. Plenty of them. Don’t you just love how those little bastards don’t jump out at you until you read something out loud? Good at hiding they are.

I read through the typos careful not to skip a beat, and was able to get through the pages without the dreaded stage rearing its ugly head. Funny thing is I enjoy public speaking more than most people. As someone who always longed to have a voice, public speaking is an invigorating experience.

The applause was great of course, but that could have just been people being polite. Afterwards I was approached by several people who complimented the reading and said they wanted to hear more some time. One of the people who headed the event placed his hand on my shoulder and said “Well done.”

That made me feel very good.

It was a good confidence boost for an aspiring writer. I talked with a few of the people there, passed out some business cards and will see if any of them get back. I have been a member of this society since June and this was the first time I was able to attend. Hopefully I will be able to attend many more times. These people were wonderful.

I certainly look forward to delving back into the world of my novel. Chapter 10 as it were is nearly finished already. It is shaping up to me another long one with plenty of ports to be trimmed and re-written. Again, what I really look forward to is not the edits, but the new material fighting to get out. The material that will change the face of this story.

That’s always where the real fun is. That and sharing it with people. Writing, like any other art form, is about self expression and communication. For a first time effort at communicating, it seems this story went over rather well.

3 thoughts on “The Public Reading of My Book

  1. Congratulations on the public reading! Public speaking scares me, but it’s also a huge buzz. It sounds like it went great. As you say, people have to clap, but no one has to express an interest afterwards. Well done on giving your writing a peek at the wider world.

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